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An illuminated wall LED is perfect for self-builders. And that is our most important approach. For over 10 years we have focused specifically on the development and production of mobile LED illuminated walls and are now one of the first manufacturers in Europe to focus on mobile exhibition stands, illuminated walls, LED exhibition stands and illuminated exhibition walls. Our goal is to develop illuminated systems that can be easily transported in a normal car or, depending on the size of the exhibition stand, in a Caddy or Sprinter.

The illuminated wall LED from MARTINCOLOR is not just an illumination solution; it is an unmistakable eye-catcher that represents innovation and high-quality technology. It sends a strong signal at events and trade fairs and stands for visual presentations in a new dimension. Illuminated walls not only open up new opportunities to attract attention, but also showcase products and brands in a fascinating GLOW.

The brilliant luminosity of our illuminated wall LED ensures an impressive visual presence that goes beyond traditional forms of presentation. No matter where you use an illuminated wall LED – your trade fair appearance will be remembered.

Depending on your requirements and the financial plan you have planned for your trade fair appearance, we have various LED illuminated wall models available for you. Our bestseller is the ALU STAR LED exhibition wall, which can be set up flexibly thanks to its modular construction. ALU STAR is available in wall sizes up to 5 m wide. If illuminated walls of different sizes are combined with one another and expanded to include accessories such as a storage room or bridge module, a complete LED exhibition stand is created. Of course, all system parts can be transported in small pieces in trolley cases. Another attractive illuminated wall LED alternative is ALU LightUp - our most affordable illuminated wall. It is a classic self-assembly system that has tools that make setting up an exhibition stand easier. PIXLIP GO, another illuminated wall system that is assembled from white plastic profiles, is particularly suitable for inexperienced exhibitors who do not want to deal with a normal aluminum construction. New to our range are LED illuminated walls, such as Firefly and GLOW UP Battery, which can be operated with a battery. These models are particularly suitable for central placement on an exhibition stand as there is no power cable in the way.

By combining exhibition walls of different widths, you can set up an exhibition stand in different configurations, no matter what type of illuminated wall it is, and thus always create a new stand impression. A combination with our numerous LED exhibition counters, which can also be operated with a battery, is also possible. Examples of this can be seen under our reference projects.

Almost all of the illuminated LED walls that we present here are aluminum plug-in systems that can be assembled without any tools. You only need a standard TORX tool to set up our OCTAlumina LED exhibition stand. The illuminated LED wall is packed in practical transport bags, trolleys or cases. The suitcases are of course equipped with wheels for easy transport. Our illuminated LED wall is covered with an individually printed textile slide that has a 1 cm wide rubber lip all around. This is inserted into the groove of the illuminated frame in each of the systems presented below. Of course, the slide material used for this is foldable.

By combining user-friendly design and mobility, our LED illuminated walls offer an optimal solution for exhibitors looking for a flexible and efficient way to present their company at trade fairs. In our large illuminated wall program you can choose exactly the right model for your wishes and ideas.

Of course, we also attach particular importance to first-class advice. Our illuminated wall consulting team is at your side with comprehensive know-how and will introduce you to all the illuminated LED walls that come into question. If you can arrange it in time, we recommend that you visit our showroom, where you can see for yourself the wide range of possible uses and the quality of our exhibition stands. Here you can experience all of our exhibition systems “in action”, feel printing materials and test the convenience of setting up your stand. Our showroom offers an inspiring environment to collect ideas and find the perfect solution for your trade fair appearance.

Contact us on +49 (0) 69 7560800 to arrange a visit to our showroom. We look forward to your call.


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Assembly and transport of illuminated walls

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All illuminated walls from our program can be assembled and dismantled by the trade fair exhibitor themselves. There is no need to hire a stand builder for this. The illuminated systems, packed in practical transport cases or trolleys, can be transported to the trade fair in a normal car or station wagon. Unwieldy transport on a pallet is not necessary. The structure of the system technology is really simple. Regardless of whether it is an aluminum or plastic profile, they are simply pushed together without tools to form an illuminated frame and then covered with textile slides.

LED counters

LED counters

The perfect addition to the illuminated wall

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With an LED exhibition counter, your LED illuminated wall can be expanded into a fully functional exhibition stand. The LED counters from the ALU STAR family such as ALU STAR PLUS and ALU STAR MAX are particularly in demand. Both counter models consist of a 100x100 cm or 100x120 cm aluminum frame on the front and side parts with a depth of 30 cm. If desired, a lockable set of doors can be attached to the back. And the highlight: Both illuminated counters can be operated using a battery if desired.

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Illuminated walls from our customers

If you are interested in which illuminated wall projects we have already implemented, find out more in our reference section here. There you will find an impressive compilation of exhibition stand projects in which our illuminated walls have developed their full effect. We show a range from small recruiting illuminated walls to extensive LED exhibition stands. Be inspired and get an impression of how our illuminated walls can take the visual representation of your company at trade fairs and events to a brand new level.

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In our showroom in Frankfurt you can inform yourself about the whole variety of our offer. We will gladly take our time to provide you with the best possible advice. Simply let us know when you would like to make an appointment.