Effortless assembly of illuminated walls

The assembly of our illuminated walls is quick and easy and can also be carried out by exhibitors with little trade fair construction experience.

The pictures below show the assembly of our illuminated wall LED ALU LightUp. The frame is assembled by plugging together the aluminium profiles. The high-performance LED modules are installed in the aluminium profiles ready for use. At the base of the system are the ready-mounted feet, which can simply be unscrewed. This makes the lighting frame free-standing and allows it to be placed in the middle of a room. The only thing missing now is the double-sided application of a textile slide to the frame. This is inserted into the groove of the frame profiles without creasing.

On our YouTube channel you will find a video on how to best insert the fabric covering into the illuminated frame.

Transport illuminated walls with ease

Since most of our LED light walls consist of aluminium profiles that are simply pushed together without tools for assembly, the system technology can be transported in small pieces. Stowed in practical transport cases, bags or trolleys, they fit into any car or – depending on the size of the exhibition stand – into a more spacious estate car.

On the video you can see the transport case of our mobile exhibition wall LED ALU STAR. This rolling case is made of an almost indestructible ABS plastic. Despite its stability, it is very light. It holds a complete LED exhibition wall in the 200x250 cm format. This means you can take your LED exhibition stand with you wherever you go, even on a plane.

Download the product sheet of the ABS transport case ALU STAR here.